General Questions

How Watch Hulu Outside US service works?

Why should I use Watch Hulu Outside US Service?

Why neither ISP's, nor Government Agencies or Workplaces can block this service?

What kind of service will I have?

How can I cancel my subscription?

  • How Watch Hulu Outside US service works?
    Watch Hulu Outside US service offers you a service that will let you to access Hulu website overseas from any country of the world. Our service provides you USA ip address and this means that you can use Hulu like you are in the United States.

  • Why should I use Watch Hulu Outside USA service?
    This service lets you to access Hulu site from anywhere. You can watch Hulu abroad outside the United States like you are in America.

  • What kind of service will I have?
    Ordering Watch Hulu outside US service you receive a subscription service. You can cancel your subscription anytime by yourself when you do not need it anymore.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Simply log into your Paypal account and cancel subscription. You can also send us an email with your username and the email address that is on your account and ask us to cancel your subscription

  • Make sure you follow the set up instructions exactly sent to you in the set up guide.

    Don't copy and paste the account details from the welcome email when logging in, type them in and please note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

    Reboot your computer and restart your modem/router.

    I am being disconnected every few minutes?
    This could happen but it is not very common. Please check your firewall settings on router and computer. Disable the firewall and test again. If you are on a wireless network, try using a cable and see if you still have an issue. Most connection issues are usually due to a poor or unstable wireless connection.